Management of hazardous chemicals and materials-particularly during emergency release situations-is a critical part of routine training required for workers and professionals in the chemical, petroleum and manufacturing industries. Proper storage of highly reactive chemical agents, correct choice of protective clothing and safety issues in confined

chapter 3|11 pages

Toxicology Principles

chapter 5|9 pages

Industrial Hygiene Issues

chapter 6|10 pages

Medical Surveillance Programs

chapter 8|13 pages

Chemical Protective Clothing

chapter 10|7 pages

Safety in Confined Spaces

chapter 11|7 pages

Standard Operating Safety Procedures

chapter 12|11 pages

Hazardous Chemical Spill Containment

chapter 13|10 pages

Patching and Capping of Leaking Containers

chapter 14|5 pages

Techniques for Spill Stabilization

chapter 16|5 pages

Incident Analysis and Initial Response

chapter 17|18 pages

Incident Command System