This book provides a detailed guide to the selection and use of aggregates in concrete. It presents an overview of aggregate sources and production techniques, followed by a detailed study of their physical, mechanical and chemical properties. Then it looks at the use of aggregates in both plastic and hardened concretes, and in the overall mix design. Special aggregates and their applications are discussed, as are the current main specifications, standards and tests.

chapter Chapter 1|15 pages


chapter Chapter 2|50 pages

Natural aggregate sources and production

chapter Chapter 3|100 pages

Properties and characterization of aggregates

chapter Chapter 4|57 pages

Aggregates in plastic concrete

chapter Chapter 5|73 pages

Aggregates in hardened concrete

Physical and mechanical properties

chapter Chapter 6|61 pages

Aggregates in hardened concrete

Durability and transport properties

chapter Chapter 7|33 pages

Special aggregates and special concretes

chapter Chapter 8|17 pages

Standards for aggregates