Developments in Earthquake Engineering have focussed on the capacity and response of structures. They often overlook the importance of seismological knowledge to earthquake-proofing of design. It is not enough only to understand the anatomy of the structure, you must also appreciate the nature of the likely earthquake.Seismic design, as detailed in

chapter 1|31 pages

New Challenges in Seismic Design

chapter 2|39 pages

Living with Earthquakes

chapter 3|31 pages

Learning from Earthquakes

chapter 4|41 pages

Advances in Conception about Earthquakes

chapter 5|36 pages

Tectonic Plates and Faults

chapter 6|38 pages

Faults and Earthquakes

chapter 7|78 pages

Earthquakes and Ground Motions

chapter 8|91 pages

Ground Motions and Structures

chapter 9|65 pages

Advances in Seismic Design Methodologies