Bringing together the leading European expertise in behaviour and design of silos, this important new book is an essential reference source for all concerned with current problems and developments in silo technology. Silos are used in an enormous range of industries and the handling characteristics of many industrial materials require different app

part |2 pages

Part One: Silo Flow

chapter 1|2 pages


chapter 2|106 pages

Bulk solids testing

chapter 3|88 pages

Flow in silos

chapter 4|51 pages

Discharge, feeding and metering equipment

chapter 6|4 pages


part |2 pages

Part Two: Concrete Structures

chapter 7|1 pages

Introduction and scope

chapter 8|50 pages


chapter 9|5 pages


chapter 10|5 pages


chapter 11|1 pages

Concluding remarks

part |2 pages

Part Three: Metal Structures

chapter |2 pages


chapter 12|7 pages

Overview of metal silos

chapter 13|3 pages

Structural forms of silos

chapter 14|9 pages

Effects of silo loads

chapter 17|22 pages

Cylindrical shells: wind loading

chapter 18|15 pages

Cylindrical shells: other actions

chapter 19|11 pages

Conical hopper shells

chapter 20|17 pages

Rectangular silo structures

chapter 21|9 pages

Internal structures(ties and internals)

part |2 pages

Part Four: Numerical Simulation of Particulate Solids

chapter 24|5 pages

Introduction and scope

chapter 25|5 pages

Comparison of existing programs

chapter 29|10 pages

Pressures under earthquake loading

chapter 30|11 pages

Constitutive laws for granular materials

chapter 33|8 pages

Lattice grain models

chapter 35|4 pages

Evaluation of applications of FEM and DPM

chapter 37|2 pages

Concluding comments

part |2 pages

Part Five: Silo Tests

chapter 38|3 pages

Introduction and scope

chapter 39|9 pages

Classification of silo tests

chapter 40|24 pages

Test design

chapter 41|37 pages

Test documentation

chapter 42|1 pages

Concluding remarks

part |2 pages

Part Six: Experimental Techniques

chapter 43|1 pages


chapter 45|17 pages

Strain in a silo wall

chapter 47|10 pages

Local density measurements

chapter 49|16 pages

Flow visualization

chapter 50|13 pages

Measurement of moisture in silos

chapter 51|7 pages

Model laws and scale errors

chapter 53|10 pages

Silo test facilities in Europe

part |2 pages

Part Seven: Research for Industry

chapter 55|11 pages

Industrial requirements

chapter 56|13 pages

Prenormative research