Detailing commonly used methods and procedures, this reference discusses the reactions and derivative forms of carbohydrates. Preparative Carbohydrate Chemistry covers the formation, cleavage, and reactions of derivatives and illustrates bond-forming reactions of SN2 types, free radicals, chain extensions, and branching. The contents include: sugar

part |2 pages

Part III: Chemical Synthesis of O- and N-Glycosyl Compounds, and of Oligosaccharides

chapter 15|24 pages

Chemical Synthesis of Sialyl Glycosides

part |2 pages

Part IV: Enzymatic Synthesis of Sialic Acid, KOO, and Related Deoxyulosonic Acids, and of Oligosaccharides

part |2 pages

Part V: Synthesis of C-Glycosyl Compounds

chapter 24|16 pages

Synthesis of Glycosylarenes

part |2 pages

Part VI: Carbocycles from Carbohydrates

part |2 pages

Part VII: Total Synthesis of Sugars from Nonsugars

chapter 27|20 pages

Total Synthesis of Amino Sugars

chapter 28|22 pages

Total Synthesis of Sugars