Striking a balance between basic chemistry and chemical engineering, this up-to-date reference discusses important aspects of acetic acid and its major derivatives, including chemistry, methods of preparation and manufacture, and synthesis, as well as current and emerging downstream technologies.;The book provides comprehensive physical property da

chapter 1|12 pages

Bioderived Acetic Acid

chapter 2|12 pages

Ethylene- and Acetylene-Based Processes

chapter 3|8 pages

Manufacture via Hydrocarbon Oxidation

chapter 4|18 pages

Manufacture via Methanol Carbonylation

chapter 6|10 pages

Production Economics

part I|2 pages

I Thermophysical Properties of AceticAcid and Its Aqueous Solutions

chapter 7|28 pages

Acetic Acid

chapter 8|42 pages

Aqueous Solutions

part III|2 pages

Selected Acetic Acid Derivatives

chapter 9|16 pages

Acetic Anhydride

chapter 10|12 pages


chapter 11|52 pages

Di ketene and Acetoacetates

chapter 12|16 pages

Vinyl Acetate

chapter 13|16 pages

Cellulose Acetate

chapter 14|28 pages

Alcohol Acetates

chapter 15|20 pages

Halogenated Derivatives

chapter 16|18 pages

Nitrogen Derivatives

chapter 17|22 pages

Specialty Chemicals

chapter 19|91 pages

Key Properties and Hazards