This ready reference surveys the discipline of standards and standardization, defining common terms, clarifying descriptions, describing how standards could be used to restrain trade, and explaining how international trade is stimulated by the due process provisions of standards writing organizations.
Containing real-world examples provided by experienced standards professionals, Standardization Essentials is a
vital, forward-looking reference for mechanical, civil, electrical and electronics, materials, chemical, mineral, cost, quality, reliability, industrial, developmental, safety, forensic, and consulting engineers; standards managers; architects; project managers; upper-level undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education students in these disciplines.
Crystallizes the essential role that standards play in strategic standardization management, purchasing, contractual agreements, and international trade!
Covering costs, benefits, limitations, uses, and abuses of standardization programs, Standardization Essentials

  • Considers whether standards build or bar trade and the use of international standards to leverage world markets
  • Presents a case study of conformity assessment related to international technical trade barriers
  • Focuses on consumer safety standards for automobile tires and other products
  • Addresses implementation of ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 management system standards in industry
  • Highlights voluntary (nongovernmental) and mandatory (governmental) standards and regulations developed by a variety of organizations
  • Reveals competition, incongruities, and harmonization among national and international standards
  • chapter 1|6 pages


    chapter 2|8 pages

    Through the Ages with Standards

    chapter 3|10 pages

    Semantics and Terminology

    chapter 4|8 pages

    Purposes and Scopes of Standardization

    chapter 5|12 pages

    Genesis of Standards and the Law

    chapter 7|14 pages

    Procurement Standards

    chapter 8|10 pages

    National and International Standardization

    chapter 12|16 pages

    ISO 9000 and the Real World

    chapter 13|10 pages

    Strategic Standardization in Heavy Industry

    chapter 22|10 pages

    Performance Testing and Correlation