This new edition of Microbiology for Water and Wastewater Operators emphasizes the new world order of water control based on microbiological principles and practices. The book explores microbes that threaten health and links microbes to operator activities and collection procedures. It provides need-to-know information about microbiology fundamentals and applications. This resource serves as a basic study tool by water/wastewater personnel preparing for their licensing examinations, or as a supplemental text in undergraduate or graduate courses in aquatic ecology, water/wastewater pollution control and in environmental science courses dealing with water biology.

FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPTS. Introduction. The Microscope. Bacteria. Fungi. Algae. Protozoa and Other Microorganisms. Enzymes. Metabolic Transformations. Microbial Growth. Pathogenicity. PRACTICAL APPLICATIONS. Practical Bacteriology. Coliforms. Bacteriological Examination of Water. Appendix / Bibliography / Index.