Management of Off-highway Plant and Equipment provides a working knowledge of plant management for today's engineers, managers and students, and explains concisely and clearly the factors to be considered during investment in, and management of, construction equipment. It compares the cost of leasing with those of purchase, discusses ways of achiev

chapter 1|4 pages


part |1 pages

Part I Organisation for Business

chapter 3|6 pages

Marketing and Business Development

chapter 4|35 pages

Popular Equipment Types

part |1 pages

Part II Investment, Procurement and Business Management

part |1 pages

Part III Operational Management

chapter 8|11 pages

Insurance and Licensing Legalities

chapter 9|34 pages

Equipment Maintenance

chapter 10|22 pages

Health and Safety

chapter 13|6 pages

International Operations

part |1 pages

Part IV Financial and Budgetary Control

chapter 14|11 pages

Budgetary Control and Costing

chapter 15|23 pages

Cash Flow

chapter 16|18 pages

Financial Management