In-depth, comprehensive and up-to-date information on the powerful finite strip method of analysis of bridges. It is in three parts. The first introduces the method and gives the necessary background. The second explains the evolution of the method and the third part provides detailed information on the application of the method to highway bridges.

part I|50 pages

Mathematical Approach

chapter Chapter 1|6 pages


chapter Chapter 2|28 pages

Basic concepts of numerical methods

chapter Chapter 3|14 pages

Numerical errors

part II|172 pages

Finite Strip Method

chapter Chapter 4|37 pages

Finite strip method

chapter Chapter 5|13 pages

Higher order finite strips

chapter Chapter 6|16 pages

Spline finite strip method

chapter Chapter 7|11 pages

Compound strip method

chapter Chapter 8|15 pages

Finite layer method; finite prism method

chapter Chapter 9|18 pages

Vibration and stability analyses

chapter Chapter 10|35 pages

Nonlinear analysis

chapter Chapter 11|20 pages

Combined analysis

part III|106 pages

Finite Strip Analysis of Bridges

chapter Chapter 12|16 pages

Slab and slab-on-girder bridges

chapter Chapter 13|21 pages

Curved and skewed bridges

chapter Chapter 14|26 pages

Box girder bridges

chapter Chapter 15|18 pages

Continuous haunched bridges

chapter Chapter 16|14 pages

Cable-stayed bridges

chapter Chapter 17|8 pages

Finite strip modeling of bridges