The first encyclopedia in the field, the International Encyclopedia of Ergonomics and Human Factors provides a comprehensive and authoritative compendium of current knowledge on ergonomics and human factors. It gives specific information on concepts and tools unique to ergonomics. About 500 entries, published in three volumes and on CD-ROM, are pre

chapter |108 pages

Part 1 General Ergonomics

chapter |13 pages

Ireland: Irish Ergonomics

chapter |63 pages

Israel: Israel Ergonomics

chapter |168 pages

Part 2 Human Characteristics

chapter |268 pages

Part 3 Performance Related Factors

chapter |74 pages

Part 5 Display and Control Design

chapter |130 pages

Part 6 Workplace and Equipment Design

chapter |78 pages

Part 7 Environment

chapter |94 pages

Part 8 System Characteristics

chapter |286 pages

Part 9 Work Design and Organization

chapter |188 pages

Part 10 Health and Safety

chapter |219 pages

Part 12 Methods and Techniques