The safety, effectiveness, and utility of medical nanorobotic devices will critically depend upon their biocompatibility with human organs, tissues, cells, and biochemical systems. In this Volume, we broaden the definition of nanomedical biocompatibility to include all of the mechanical, physiological, immunological, cytological, and biochemical re

chapter 15|6 pages

1. Are Diamondoid Nanorobots Hazardous?

chapter 15|42 pages

2. Classical Biocompatibility

chapter 15|44 pages

3. Biocompatibility of Nanomedical

chapter 15|32 pages

3 Large Particle Movement

chapter 15|30 pages

5. Nanorobot Mechanocompatibility

chapter 15|8 pages

6. Nanorobot Volumetric Intrusiveness