Health and healing foods have a long history in the Asian cultures. Those of Eastern culture have long believed that food and medicine are from the same source and can treat illnesses and promote a healthier life. This volume covers certain traditional Asian functional foods, their history, functionality, health benefits, physiological properties,

chapter 2|38 pages

Traditional Chinese Functional Foods

chapter 3|34 pages

Traditional Indian Functional Foods

chapter 5|24 pages

Traditional Chinese Medicated Diets

chapter 6|24 pages

Functional Foods and Men’s Health

chapter 8|24 pages

Functional Foods from Green Tea

chapter 10|48 pages

Sesame for Functional Foods

chapter 11|14 pages

Fenugreek-Based Spice

chapter 15|56 pages

Antioxidant Functional Factors in Nuts

chapter 16|18 pages

Health Bene ts

chapter 17|14 pages

Traditional Medicinal Wines