In the years since the development and subsequent success of Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA), a plethora of articles have emerged, scattered throughout various publications. The time is right for a comprehensive resource that collects, examines, and organizes this information and makes it easily accessible. A compilation and distillation of the latest k

chapter 1|8 pages

1A Brief History

chapter 2|12 pages

Skeleton of Coarse Aggregates

chapter 3|14 pages


chapter 4|14 pages

4Chapter Stabilizers (Drainage Inhibitors)

chapter 5|24 pages

5Chapter Requirements for SMA Materials

chapter 6|32 pages

6Chapter Designing SMA Composition

chapter 7|30 pages

7Chapter Overview of SMA Design Methods

chapter 8|14 pages

8Chapter Analyses and Laboratory Tests

chapter 9|16 pages

9Chapter The Production of SMA

chapter 11|22 pages

1Chapter 1 Problems

chapter 12|22 pages

1Chapter 2 Characteristics of the SMA Course

chapter 13|14 pages

1Chapter 3 Special Applications of SMA

chapter 14|26 pages

1Chapter 4 European Standards Concerning SMA