A Student's Guide to the Study, Practice, and Tools of Modern Mathematics provides an accessible introduction to the world of mathematics. It offers tips on how to study and write mathematics as well as how to use various mathematical tools, from LaTeX and Beamer to Mathematica and Maple to MATLAB and R. Along with a color insert, the text include

part |4 pages

I The Study and Practice of Modern Mathematics

chapter 1|8 pages

How to Learn Mathematics

chapter 2|10 pages

How to Write Mathematics

chapter 3|6 pages

How to Research Mathematics

chapter 4|6 pages

How to Present Mathematics

chapter 5|4 pages

Looking Ahead: Taking Professional Steps

chapter 6|6 pages

What is it Like Being a Mathematician?

chapter 7|4 pages

Guide to Web Resources

chapter 8|6 pages

A Mathematical Scavenger Hunt

part |4 pages

II The Tools of Modern Mathematics

chapter 9|18 pages

Getting Started with LATEX

chapter 10|14 pages

Getting Started with PSTricks

chapter 11|6 pages

Getting Started with Beamer

chapter 13|20 pages

Getting Started with MATLAB R© and Octave

chapter 14|14 pages

Getting Started with R

chapter 15|12 pages

Getting Started with HTML

chapter 17|26 pages

Getting Started with PostScript R©

chapter 20|4 pages

Putting it All Together