Structural health monitoring (SHM) uses one or more in situ sensing systems placed in or around a structure, providing real-time evaluation of its performance and ultimately preventing structural failure. Although most commonly used in civil engineering, such as in roads, bridges, and dams, SHM is now finding applications in other engineering envir

chapter 1|18 pages


chapter 2|58 pages

Point Sensors

chapter 3|98 pages

Distributed and Noncontact Sensors

chapter 5|56 pages

Data Processing

chapter 6|100 pages

Data Interpretation

chapter 7|34 pages

Adaptive and Automated Sensing

chapter 8|66 pages

Health Monitoring and Prognosis

chapter 9|22 pages

Structural Performance Assessment

chapter 10|34 pages

Sensor and Health Monitoring System Design

chapter 11|30 pages

Case Studies