Attosecond optical pulse generation, along with the related process of high-order harmonic generation, is redefining ultrafast physics and chemistry. A practical understanding of attosecond optics requires significant background information and foundational theory to make full use of these cutting-edge lasers and advance the technology toward the n

chapter 1|46 pages

Quest for Attosecond Optical Pulses

chapter 2|54 pages

Femtosecond Driving Lasers

chapter 3|64 pages

Stabilization of Carrier-Envelope Phase

chapter 4|58 pages

Semiclassical Model

chapter 5|58 pages

Strong Field Approximation

chapter 6|56 pages

Phase Matching

chapter 7|56 pages

Attosecond Pulse Trains

chapter 8|64 pages

Single Isolated Attosecond Pulses

chapter 9|44 pages

Applications of Attosecond Pulses