Developed to promote the design of safe, effective, and usable medical devices, Handbook of Human Factors in Medical Device Design provides a single convenient source of authoritative information to support evidence-based design and evaluation of medical device user interfaces using rigorous human factors engineering principles. It offers guidance

chapter 1|22 pages

Chapter General Principles

chapter 2|40 pages

Chapter Basic Human Abilities

chapter 3|34 pages

Chapter Environment of Use

chapter 4|56 pages

Chapter Anthropometry and Biomechanics

chapter 5|48 pages

Chapter Documentation

chapter 6|50 pages

Chapter Testing and Evaluation

chapter 7|46 pages

Chapter Controls

chapter 8|54 pages

Chapter Visual Displays

chapter 9|46 pages

Chapter Connections and Connectors

chapter 10|28 pages

Chapter Alarm Design

chapter 11|46 pages

Chapter Software User Interfaces

chapter 12|72 pages

Chapter Workstations

chapter 13|52 pages

Chapter Signs, Symbols, and Markings

chapter 14|28 pages

Chapter Packaging

chapter 15|22 pages

Chapter Device Life Cycle

chapter 16|70 pages

Chapter Hand Tool Design

chapter 17|32 pages

Chapter Mobile Medical Devices

chapter 18|24 pages

Chapter Home Health Care