Based on course notes of SIGGRAPH course teaching techniques for real-time rendering of volumetric data and effects; covers both applications in scientific visualization and real-time rendering. Starts with the basics (texture-based ray casting) and then improves and expands the algorithms incrementally. Book includes source code, algorithms, diagr

chapter 2|14 pages

GPU Programming

chapter 3|34 pages

Basic GPU-Based Volume Rendering

chapter 4|22 pages

Transfer Functions

chapter 5|36 pages

Local Volume Illumination

chapter 6|24 pages

Global Volume Illumination

chapter 7|24 pages

GPU-Based Ray Casting

chapter 8|28 pages

Improving Performance

chapter 9|34 pages

Improving Image Quality

chapter 10|26 pages

Transfer Functions Reloaded

chapter 11|38 pages

Game Developer’s Guide to Volume Graphics

chapter 12|16 pages

Volume Modeling

chapter 13|20 pages

Volume Deformation and Animation

chapter 15|34 pages

Volume Clipping

chapter 16|26 pages

Segmented Volume Data

chapter 17|20 pages

Large Volume Data