This book traces the history of the MIT Department of Mathematics-one of the most important mathematics departments in the world-through candid, in-depth, lively conversations with a select and diverse group of its senior members. The process reveals much about the motivation, path, and impact of research mathematicians in a society that owes so mu

chapter |24 pages

Zipporah (Fagi) Levinson

chapter |18 pages

Isadore M. Singer

chapter |62 pages

Arthur P. Mattuck

chapter |54 pages

Hartley Rogers

chapter |24 pages

Gilbert Strang

chapter |48 pages

Kenneth M. Hoffman

chapter |40 pages

Alar Toomre

chapter |36 pages

Steven L. Kleiman

chapter |22 pages

Harvey P. Greenspan

chapter |22 pages

Bertram Kostant

chapter |24 pages

Michael Artin

chapter |38 pages

Daniel J. Kleitman

chapter |29 pages

Sigurdur Helgason