Beyond the world of atoms, at scales smaller than the smallest nuclei, a new world comes into view, populated by an array of colorful elementary particles: strange and charmed quarks, muons and neutrinos, gluons and photons, and many others, all interacting in beautifully intricate patterns. Beyond the Nanoworld tells the story of how this new real

chapter 1|62 pages

The Heroic Time

chapter 2|34 pages

The Great Leap Forward

chapter 3|14 pages

Up by Their Own Bootstraps

chapter 4|20 pages

Composite Elementary Particles

chapter 5|34 pages

On the Path to the Standard Model

chapter 6|48 pages

The Standard Model of Particle Physics

chapter 7|26 pages

Storm Clouds or the Dawn of a New Physics?

chapter 8|12 pages