This book is a comprehensive introduction to visual computing, dealing with the modeling and synthesis of visual data by means of computers. What sets this book apart from other computer graphics texts is the integrated coverage of computer graphics and visualization topics, including important techniques such as subdivision and multi-resolution mo

chapter 1|26 pages


chapter 2|46 pages

Rasterization Algorithms

chapter 4|26 pages

Projections and Viewing Transformations

chapter 6|16 pages

Model Representation and Simplification

chapter 7|58 pages

Parametric Curves and Surfaces

chapter 8|52 pages

Subdivision for Graphics and Visualization

chapter 9|20 pages

Scene Management

chapter 10|22 pages

Visualization Principles

chapter 11|24 pages

Color in Graphics and Visualization

chapter 12|78 pages

Illumination Models and Algorithms

chapter 13|34 pages


chapter 14|66 pages


chapter 15|36 pages

Ray Tracing

chapter 16|50 pages

Global Illumination Algorithms

chapter 17|28 pages

Basic Animation Techniques

chapter 18|32 pages

Scientific Visualization Algorithms

chapter |10 pages

A Vector and Affine Spaces

chapter |12 pages

B Differential Geometry Basics

chapter C|8 pages

C Intersection Tests

chapter |4 pages

D Solid Angle Calculations

chapter |8 pages

E Elements of Signal Theory