Whether obtained by microscopes, space probes, or the human eye, the same basic tools can be applied to acquire, process, and analyze the data contained in images. Ideal for self study, The Image Processing Handbook, Sixth Edition, first published in 1992, raises the bar once again as the gold-standard reference on this subject. Using extensive new

chapter 1|84 pages

Acquiring Images

chapter 2|56 pages

Human Vision

chapter 3|58 pages

Printing and Storage

chapter 4|70 pages

Correcting Imaging Defects

chapter 5|68 pages

Image Enhancement in the Spatial Domain

chapter 6|58 pages

Processing Images in Frequency Space

chapter 7|48 pages

Segmentation and Thresholding

chapter 8|68 pages

Processing Binary Images

chapter 9|36 pages

Global Image Measurements

chapter 10|50 pages

Feature-Specific Measurements

chapter 11|30 pages

Characterizing Shape

chapter 12|34 pages

Feature Recognition and Classification

chapter 13|46 pages

Tomographic Imaging

chapter 14|60 pages

3D Visualization

chapter 15|50 pages

Imaging Surfaces