Stanford mathematician and NPR Math Guy Keith Devlin explains why, fun aside, video games are the ideal medium to teach middle-school math. Aimed primarily at teachers and education researchers, but also of interest to game developers who want to produce videogames for mathematics education, Mathematics Education for a New Era: Video Games as a Med

chapter 1|6 pages

State of Play

chapter 2|12 pages

Street Smarts

chapter 3|26 pages

The Perfect Medium

chapter 4|8 pages

Euclid Would Have Taught Math This Way

chapter 5|10 pages

What Is “Doing Mathematics” Anyway?

chapter 7|8 pages

The Key Features of Gaming

chapter 10|30 pages

Building a Successful Math Ed Video Game

chapter 11|20 pages

Algebra and Beyond

chapter 12|26 pages

A New Pedagogy

chapter |2 pages

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