Increasingly, crimes and fraud are digital in nature, occurring at breakneck speed and encompassing large volumes of data. To combat this unlawful activity, knowledge about the use of machine learning technology and software is critical. Machine Learning Forensics for Law Enforcement, Security, and Intelligence integrates an assortment of deductive

chapter 1|35 pages

What Is Machine Learning Forensics?

chapter 2|39 pages

Digital Investigative Maps and Models

Strategies and Techniques

chapter 3|48 pages

Extractive Forensics

Link Analysis and Text Mining

chapter 4|33 pages

Inductive Forensics

Clustering Incidents and Crimes

chapter 5|35 pages

Deductive Forensics

Anticipating Attacks and Precrime

chapter 6|37 pages

Fraud Detection

On the Web, Wireless, and in Real Time

chapter 7|37 pages

Cybersecurity Investigations

Self-Organizing and Evolving Analyses

chapter 8|36 pages

Corporate Counterintelligence

Litigation and Competitive Investigations