Useful in many areas of medicine and biology, Bayesian methods are particularly attractive tools for the design of clinical trials and diagnostic tests, which are based on established information, usually from related previous studies. Advanced Bayesian Methods for Medical Test Accuracy begins with a review of the usual measures such as specificity

chapter 1|8 pages


chapter 2|18 pages

Medical Tests and Preliminary Information

chapter 3|18 pages

Preview of the Book

chapter 4|54 pages

Fundamentals of Diagnostic Accuracy

chapter 5|52 pages

Regression and Medical Test Accuracy

chapter 6|58 pages

Agreement and Test Accuracy

chapter 8|42 pages

Verification Bias and Test Accuracy

chapter 9|52 pages

Test Accuracy and Medical Practice

chapter 10|60 pages

Accuracy of Combined Tests

chapter 11|38 pages

Bayesian Methods for Meta-Analysis