When Kai Zuber's pioneering text on neutrinos was published in 2003, the author correctly predicted that the field would see tremendous growth in the immediate future. In that book, Professor Zuber provided a comprehensive self-contained examination of neutrinos, covering their research history and theory, as well as their application to particle p

chapter 1|18 pages

Important historical experiments

chapter 2|14 pages

Properties of neutrinos

chapter 3|32 pages

The standard model of particle physics

chapter 4|40 pages

Neutrinos as a probe of nuclear structure

chapter 6|30 pages

Direct neutrino mass searches

chapter 7|36 pages

Double β-decay

chapter 8|36 pages

Neutrino oscillations

chapter 9|28 pages

Atmospheric neutrinos

chapter 10|40 pages

Solar neutrinos

chapter 11|34 pages

Neutrinos from supernovae

chapter 12|34 pages

Ultra-high energetic cosmic neutrinos

chapter 13|40 pages

Neutrinos in cosmology

chapter 14|6 pages

Summary and outlook