Secure and Resilient Software: Requirements, Test Cases, and Testing Methods provides a comprehensive set of requirements for secure and resilient software development and operation. It supplies documented test cases for those requirements as well as best practices for testing nonfunctional requirements for improved information assurance. This resource-rich book includes:

  • Pre-developed nonfunctional requirements that can be reused for any software development project

  • Documented test cases that go along with the requirements and can be used to develop a Test Plan for the software

  • Testing methods that can be applied to the test cases provided

  • Downloadable resources with all security requirements and test cases as well as MS Word versions of the checklists, requirements, and test cases covered in the book

Offering ground-level, already-developed software nonfunctional requirements and corresponding test cases and methods, this book will help to ensure that your software meets its nonfunctional requirements for security and resilience. The accompanying downloadable resources filled with helpful checklists and reusable documentation provides you with the tools needed to integrate security into the requirements analysis, design, and testing phases of your software development lifecycle.

Some Praise for the Book:

This book pulls together the state of the art in thinking about this important issue in a holistic way with several examples. It takes you through the entire lifecycle from conception to implementation ... .
—Doug Cavit, Chief Security Strategist, Microsoft Corporation

...provides the reader with the tools necessary to jump-start and mature security within the software development lifecycle (SDLC).
—Jeff Weekes, Sr. Security Architect at Terra Verde Services

... full of useful insights and practical advice from two au