The manufacture of flash memory, which is the dominant nonvolatile memory technology, is facing severe technical barriers. So much so, that some emerging technologies have been proposed as alternatives to flash memory in the nano-regime. Nonvolatile Memory Design: Magnetic, Resistive, and Phase Changing introduces three promising candidates: phase-change memory, magnetic random access memory, and resistive random access memory. The text illustrates the fundamental storage mechanism of these technologies and examines their differences from flash memory techniques. Based on the latest advances, the authors discuss key design methodologies as well as the various functions and capabilities of the three nonvolatile memory technologies.

chapter 1|30 pages

Introduction to Semiconductor Memories

chapter 2|38 pages

Phase Change Memory

chapter 3|45 pages

Spin-Transfer Torque RAM

chapter 4|35 pages

Resistive Random Access Memory

chapter 5|26 pages


chapter 6|8 pages

The Future of Nonvolatile Memory