To build reliable, industry-applicable software products, large-scale software project groups must continuously improve software engineering processes to increase product quality, facilitate cost reductions, and adhere to tight schedules. Emphasizing the critical components of successful large-scale software projects, Software Project Management: A

chapter 2|14 pages

Project Initiation Management

chapter 3|22 pages

Software Project Eort and Cost Estimation

chapter 4|14 pages

Risk Management

chapter 5|8 pages

Conguration Management

chapter 6|18 pages

Project Planning

chapter 7|18 pages

Project Monitoring and Control

chapter 8|10 pages

Project Closure

chapter 10|14 pages

Software Requirement Management

chapter 11|16 pages

Software Design Management

chapter 12|12 pages

Software Construction

chapter 13|14 pages

Software Testing

chapter 14|12 pages

Product Release and Maintenance

chapter 15|16 pages

Process Standards Introduction

chapter 17|16 pages

Process Selection

chapter 18|6 pages

Introduction to People Management

chapter 19|14 pages

Team Management

chapter 20|8 pages

Customer Management

chapter 21|10 pages

Supplier Management

chapter 24|14 pages

Software Project Templates

chapter 25|10 pages

Future Tools and Techniques