The genus Phyllanthus has over 1,000 species distributed worldwide, many of which have been used indigenously for the treatment of a variety of ailments for generations. Researchers have developed ways to analyze the potential of these plants and demonstrated the pharmacological action and various chemical entities present in each of them. They hav

chapter 1|36 pages

- Taxonomy of the Genus Phyllanthus

chapter 6|20 pages

- Phytochemistry of the Genus Phyllanthus

chapter 10|12 pages

- Anticancer Studies of Phyllanthus amarus

chapter 11|10 pages

- Anticancer Activity of Phyllanthus emblica

chapter 17|12 pages

- Antiaging Effects of Phyllanthus Species

chapter 18|10 pages

- Toxicity Studies of Phyllanthus Species

chapter 21|6 pages

- Triphala: An Ayurvedic Drug Formulation