A myriad of different scenarios await those entering the field of forensic pathology, ranging from gunshot wounds to asphyxiation to explosives to death from addiction. Essential Forensic Pathology: Core Studies and Exercises helps prepare pathologists in training by establishing what they must know about the most common death scenes they will enco

chapter 6|6 pages

Scene Investigation

chapter 7|6 pages

IdentiŠcation: Problems and Methods

chapter 8|6 pages

Postmortem Changes (Signs of Death)

chapter 12|4 pages

Physical Trauma

chapter 14|6 pages

Gunshot Wounds

chapter 15|4 pages

Incised and Stab Wounds

chapter 16|4 pages


chapter 18|2 pages

Electrical and Thermal Injury

chapter 19|4 pages

Gas Asphyxiation

chapter 20|4 pages

Occupational Diseases

chapter 21|4 pages

Sexual Deaths and Serial Deaths

chapter 22|4 pages

Infanticide, Abortion, and Crib Death

chapter 23|4 pages

Alcoholism and Deaths from Addiction

chapter 24|8 pages

Analytical Toxicology

chapter 29|2 pages

Urban Warfare and Nationalistic Weaponry

chapter 37|2 pages

Forensic Sciences and the Military

chapter 39|4 pages

Advanced Microscopic Techniques

chapter 40|2 pages

Forensic Entomology in Forensic Pathology

chapter 41|4 pages

Clinical Forensic Pathology

chapter 42|18 pages

Practical Advice for Forensic Pathologists