The work of a crime scene investigator requires stellar organizational skills and razor-sharp attention to detail. Developing these skills is best achieved through hands-on training simulating actual case events. Crime Scene Processing and Investigation Workbook takes students from the classroom to the field and into the lab to explore a range of s

chapter 1|10 pages


chapter 2|22 pages

The Nature of Physical Evidence

chapter 3|4 pages

Actions of the Initial Responding Officer

chapter 4|8 pages

Processing Methodology

chapter 5|10 pages

1: Establishing Crime Scene Perimeters

chapter 6|12 pages

Crime Scene Photography

chapter 7|28 pages

7 Key Terms

chapter 9|48 pages

Basic Skills for Scene Processing

chapter 10|20 pages

Advanced Techniques for Scene Processing

chapter 11|12 pages

Special Scene Considerations