Most available books on computational electrodynamics are focused on FDTD, FEM, or other specific technique developed in microwave engineering. In contrast, Fourier Modal Method and Its Applications in Computational Nanophotonics is a complete guide to the principles and detailed mathematics of the up-to-date Fourier modal method of optical analysis. It takes readers through the implementation of MATLAB® codes for practical modeling of well-known and promising nanophotonic structures. The authors also address the limitations of the Fourier modal method.


  • Provides a comprehensive guide to the principles, methods, and mathematics of the Fourier modal method
  • Explores the emerging field of computational nanophotonics
  • Presents clear, step-by-step, practical explanations on how to use the Fourier modal method for photonics and nanophotonics applications
  • Includes the necessary MATLAB codes, enabling readers to construct their own code

Using this book, graduate students and researchers can learn about nanophotonics simulations through a comprehensive treatment of the mathematics underlying the Fourier modal method and examples of practical problems solved with MATLAB codes.

chapter 1|6 pages


chapter 3|72 pages

Fourier Modal Method

chapter 5|68 pages

Local Fourier Modal Method

chapter 6|48 pages

Perspectives on the Fourier Modal Method