Since the publication of the second edition of Applied Reliability in 1995, the ready availability of inexpensive, powerful statistical software has changed the way statisticians and engineers look at and analyze all kinds of data. Problems in reliability that were once difficult and time consuming even for experts can now be solved with a few well

chapter 1|28 pages

Basic Descriptive Statistics

chapter 2|18 pages

Reliability Concepts

chapter 3|40 pages

Exponential Distribution

chapter 4|36 pages

Weibull Distribution

chapter 5|30 pages

Normal and Lognormal Distributions

chapter 6|40 pages

Reliability Data Plotting

chapter 7|48 pages

Analysis of Multicensored Data

chapter 8|60 pages

Physical Acceleration Models

chapter 9|44 pages

Alternative Reliability Models

chapter 10|24 pages

System Failure Modeling: Bottom-Up Approach

chapter 14|24 pages

Bayesian Reliability Evaluation