As nanotechnology has developed over the last two decades, some nanostructures, such as nanotubes, nanowires, and nanoparticles, have become very popular. However, recent research has led to the discovery of other, less-common nanoforms, which often serve as building blocks for more complex structures.

In an effort to organize the field, the Handbook of Less-Common Nanostructures presents an informal classification based mainly on the less-common nanostructures. A small nanotechnological encyclopedia, this book:

  • Describes a range of little-known nanostructures

  • Offers a unifying vision of the synthesis of nanostructures and the generalization of rare nanoforms

  • Includes downloadable resources with color versions of more than 100 nanostructures

  • Explores the fabrication of rare nanostructures, including modern physical, chemical, and biological synthesis techniques

The Handbook of Less-Common Nanostructures discusses a classification system not directly related to the dimensionality and chemical composition of nanostructure-forming compounds or composite. Instead, it is based mainly on the less-common nanostructures. Possessing unusual shapes and high surface areas, these structures are potentially very useful for catalytic, medical, electronic, and many other applications.

chapter 4|20 pages

Various Prolonged 3D Nanostructures

chapter 5|20 pages

Circle and Ball-Type Nanostructures

chapter 6|22 pages

Nanocage-Type Structures

chapter 7|82 pages

“Nanovegetation” World

chapter 8|34 pages

“Nanoanimal” World

chapter 9|98 pages

“Home”-Like Nanostructures

chapter 10|48 pages

“Nanotechnical” Structures and Devices

chapter 11|46 pages

Nanostructures Classi£ed as Polyhedra

chapter 12|16 pages

Other Rare Nanostructures

chapter 15|12 pages

Inorganic Non-Carbon Nanotubes

chapter 16|34 pages

Soluble Carbon Nanotubes

chapter 17|18 pages


chapter 18|26 pages


chapter 19|48 pages


chapter 21|18 pages

Nanomesh and Nanohoneycomb Structures

chapter 22|22 pages


chapter 25|30 pages

Metallic Nanoalloys

chapter 26|18 pages

Nanostructured Forms of Bismuth