Dopants and Defects in Semiconductors covers the theory, experimentation, and identification of impurities, dopants, and intrinsic defects in semiconductors. The book fills a crucial gap between solid-state physics and more specialized course texts.The authors first present introductory concepts, including basic semiconductor theory, defect classif

chapter 1|32 pages

ch aPTer 1 s em iconducTor basics

chapter 2|30 pages

ch aPTer 2 defecT cLassificaTions

chapter 3|34 pages

ch aPTer 3 cr ysTaL Grow T h and doP inG

chapter 4|34 pages

ch aPTer 4 eLecTronic P ro PerTies

chapter 5|32 pages

ch aPTer 5 vibraTionaL P ro PerTies

chapter 6|36 pages

ch aPTer 6 oP TicaL P ro PerTies

chapter 7|30 pages

ch aPTer 7 Th e rm a L P ro PerTies

chapter 8|30 pages

ch aPTer 8 eLecTricaL measuremenTs

chapter 9|34 pages

ch aPTer 9 oP TicaL sPecTros co P y

chapter 10|30 pages

ch aPTer 10 Pa rTicLe -b eam me Thods