Providing a proven set of energy efficiency measures and opportunities for saving energy and reducing operating costs for existing homes, this volume presents general tools and procedures for performing home weatherization such as insulation improvements as well as methods to reduce air leakage. The author describes several techniques and technolog

chapter 1|26 pages

Energy Audit Procedures

chapter 2|20 pages

Economic Analysis

chapter 3|60 pages

Principles of Thermal Analysis

chapter 4|18 pages

Energy Efficiency Screening Approaches

chapter 5|28 pages

Building Envelope Retrofit

chapter 6|36 pages

Electrical Systems Retrofit

chapter 7|42 pages

Heating and Cooling Systems Retrofit

chapter 8|20 pages

Water Systems Retrofit

chapter 9|26 pages

Net-Zero Energy Retrofits

chapter 10|28 pages

Methods for Estimating Energy Savings

chapter 11|10 pages

Energy Audit Reporting Guidelines

chapter 12|24 pages

Case Studies