Comprising two volumes, Thermoelectrics and Its Energy Harvesting reviews the dramatic improvements in technology and application of thermoelectric energy with a specific intention to reduce and reuse waste heat and improve novel techniques for the efficient acquisition and use of energy. This volume, Modules, Systems and Applications in Thermoelec

chapter 1|50 pages

- Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials

chapter 9|24 pages

- Thermoelectric Inverse Clathrates

chapter 13|22 pages

- Novel Power Factor of Si–Ge System

chapter 15|8 pages

- Polymer Thermoelectric Materials

chapter 19|22 pages

- Millikelvin Tunnelling Refrigerators

chapter 20|40 pages

- Heat Dissipaters

chapter 24|16 pages

- Solar Thermoelectric Power Conversion

chapter 26|30 pages

- Medical Applications of Thermoelectrics