Environmental Health and Hazard Risk Assessment: Principles and Calculations explains how to evaluate and apply environmental health and hazard risk assessment calculations in a variety of real-life settings. Using a wealth of examples and case studies, the book helps readers develop both a theoretical understanding and a working knowledge of the principles of health, safety, and accident management. 

Learn the Fundamentals of Health, Safety, and Accident Management

The book takes a pragmatic approach to risk assessment, identifying problems and outlining solutions. Organized into four parts, the text:

  • Presents an overview of the history of environmental health and hazard problems, legal considerations, and emergency planning and response
  • Tackles the broad subject of health risk assessment, discussing toxicology, exposure, and health risk characterization
  • Examines hazard risk assessment in significant detail—from problem identification, probability, consequence, and characterization of hazards/accidents to the fundamentals of applicable statistics theory
  • Uses case studies to demonstrate the applications and calculations of risk analysis for real systems

Incorporate Health and Safety in Process Design

The book assumes only a basic background in physics, chemistry, and mathematics, making it suitable for students and those new to the field. It is also a valuable reference for practicing engineers, scientists, technicians, technical managers, and others tasked with ensuring that plant and equipment operations meet applicable standards and regulations. A clear and comprehensive resource, this book offers guidance for those who want to reduce or eliminate the environmental health effects and accidents that can result in loss of life, materials, and property.

part 1|149 pages

Introductory Comments

chapter 1|20 pages

About the Book

chapter 2|12 pages

History of Environmental Health Problems

chapter 3|29 pages

History of Environmental Hazard Problems

chapter 4|12 pages

Health Risk versus Hazard Risk

chapter 5|39 pages

Environmental Regulatory Framework

chapter 6|33 pages

Emergency Planning and Response

part 2|167 pages

Health Risk Assessment

chapter 7|12 pages

Introduction to Health Risk Assessment

chapter 8|26 pages

Health Problem Identification

chapter 9|44 pages

Toxicity and Dose–Response

chapter 10|48 pages

Exposure Assessment

chapter 11|35 pages

Health Risk Characterization

part 3|190 pages

Hazard Risk Assessment

chapter 12|14 pages

Introduction to Hazard Risk Assessment

chapter 13|59 pages

Hazard/Event Problem Identification

chapter 14|44 pages

Hazard/Event Probability

chapter 15|38 pages

Hazard/Event Consequences

chapter 16|32 pages

Hazard Risk Characterization

part 4|82 pages

Case Studies

chapter 17|3 pages

The Case for Case Studies

chapter 18|14 pages

Monte Carlo Simulation

chapter 19|20 pages

Emergency Planning and Response

chapter 20|23 pages

Natural Disasters

chapter 21|18 pages

Industrial Accidents