Many factors are relevant in making the proper choice of food packaging material, including those related to shelf life and biodegradability. To meet these demands, new processing and preservation techniques have arisen, most notably modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and active packaging (AP). Modified Atmosphere and Active Packaging Technologies

chapter 4|76 pages

- Fish and Seafood

chapter 6|20 pages

- Poultry

chapter 7|42 pages

- Milk and Dairy Products

chapter 8|14 pages

- Cereals

chapter 9|134 pages

- Minimally Processed Vegetables

chapter 10|30 pages

- Fruits

chapter 11|54 pages

- Bakery Products

chapter 12|44 pages

- Ready-to-Eat Foods

chapter 14|36 pages

- Active and Intelligent Packaging

chapter 19|10 pages

- Conclusions and New Trends