Hydrogen Safety highlights physiological, physical, and chemical hazards associated with hydrogen production, storage, distribution, and use systems. It also examines potential accident scenarios that could occur with hydrogen use under certain conditions. The number of potential applications for hydrogen continues to grow-from cooling power statio

chapter 1|4 pages

- Introduction

chapter 2|14 pages

- Historical Survey of Hydrogen Accidents

chapter 4|38 pages

- Hydrogen Hazards

chapter 5|32 pages

- Hazards in Hydrogen Storage Facilities

chapter 6|22 pages

- Hazards of Hydrogen Use in Vehicles

chapter 7|24 pages

- Inherently Safer Design

chapter 8|34 pages

- Safety Management Systems

chapter 10|18 pages

- Case Studies

chapter 12|12 pages

- Future Requirements for Hydrogen Safety

chapter 13|26 pages

- Legal Requirements for Hydrogen Safety

chapter 14|10 pages

- Conclusion