This book provides a categorized and visualized overview and presents microscopic observations, systematic mineralogy, chemistry, geology, stability, paragenesis, occurrence and use in petrology of 137 minerals. Structural formula calculations are included in the appendix. Consists of a set of book and downloadable resources for students and practically-oriented researchers and professionals in geology, geological, mining, and mineral resources engineering who need a reference of mineralogy, applied to petrology.
The downloadable resources contain 384 color plates with mineral microscopic visuals under various circumstances.

Use of the CD –ROM

1. Rocks and minerals
2. Observations with the Petrographic Microscope
3. Systematic mineralogy
3-1. Major tectosilicates: quartz – feldspars – feldspathoids
3-2. Major ferro-magnesians minerals : micas, chlorites, amphiboles, pyroxenes, olivines
3-3. Aluminous minerals
3-4. Calcic, magnesian and calc-magnesian minerals
3-5. Accessory minerals
3-6. Minerals of sedimentary rocks and alterites

Appendix - Calculation of the structural formula of a mineral
A selection of books
References bibliographiques
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