Wood has played a major role throughout human history. Strong and versatile, the earliest humans used wood to make shelters, cook food, construct tools, build boats, and make weapons. Recently, scientists, politicians, and economists have renewed their interest in wood because of its unique properties, aesthetics, availability, abundance, and perha

chapter 1|8 pages

- Wood and Society

chapter 2|24 pages

Structure and Function of Wood

chapter 3|42 pages

- Cell Wall Chemistry

chapter 4|24 pages

- Moisture Properties

chapter 5|28 pages

- Biological Properties of Wood

chapter 7|66 pages

- Weathering of Wood and Wood Composites

chapter 8|38 pages

- Surface Characterization

chapter 9|66 pages

- Wood Adhesion and Adhesives

chapter 10|92 pages

- Wood Composites

chapter 11|44 pages

- Chemistry of Wood Strength

chapter 12|16 pages

- Fiber Webs

chapter 13|38 pages

- Wood/Nonwood Thermoplastic Composites

chapter 14|26 pages

- Heat Treatment

chapter 15|62 pages

Chemical Modi‹cation of Wood

chapter 16|28 pages

Lumen Modi‹cations

chapter 17|32 pages

- Plasma Treatment of Wood

chapter 18|10 pages

- Sustainability of Wood and Other Biomass