Although enterprise mobility is in high demand across domains, an absence of experts who have worked on enterprise mobility has resulted in a lack of books on the subject. A Comprehensive Guide to Enterprise Mobility fills this void. It supplies authoritative guidance on all aspects of enterprise mobility-from technical aspects and applications to

part I|1 pages

Mobility Concepts

chapter 1|18 pages

Emergence of Enterprise Mobility

chapter 2|14 pages

Enterprise Mobility Landscape

chapter 3|14 pages

Enterprise Mobility Adoption

chapter 4|14 pages

Mobile as an Effective Marketing Channel

chapter 5|12 pages

Enterprise Mobility Layers

chapter 6|14 pages

Mobility Solution Architecture

chapter 8|8 pages

Cross-Platform Development

chapter 9|18 pages

Mobile Application Testing

chapter 10|14 pages

Mobile Solution Deployment

part II|1 pages

Mobile Solutions and Case Studies

part III|1 pages

Mobile Application Development

chapter 18|37 pages

Mobile Platforms

chapter 19|10 pages

Mobile Application Designing

chapter 20|54 pages

Mobile Programming

part IV|1 pages

Technology Considerations in Mobility

chapter 21|14 pages

Mobile Security

chapter 22|16 pages

Mobile NFC

chapter 24|20 pages

Mobile Application Porting

chapter 25|14 pages

Mobile Cloud Computing

chapter 26|12 pages

Mobile Virtualization

chapter 27|12 pages

Mobile 3D Solutions

chapter 28|16 pages

Mobile Signage

chapter 29|14 pages

Mobile Device Management