Nowadays, not only is the research on nanoscale is among the most active fields in current science, but it is also being gradually introduced into our daily lives. The purpose of this book is to provide the readers with a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art research activities in the field of innovative nanomaterials. This book is a compre

chapter 1|31 pages

3 Gas-Phase Growth

1.3.1 ZnS Nanowire Bundles on CdSe Substrates

part 3|2 pages

Selective Etching-Assisted Construction of Novel Low-Dimensional Nanostructures

chapter 3|14 pages

2 Noble Metal Nanoparticles

3.2.1 Single-Crystal Noble Metal Nanoparticles

chapter 3|22 pages

4 1D Semiconductor Nanostructures

3.4.1 Porous ZnO Nanotubes

chapter 5|9 pages

3 Controlled Nanocolumnar Arrays

5.3.1 Surface Roughness [26]

chapter 5|9 pages

5 Properties and Applications

5.5.1 Surface-Wettin g Behavior [26]

chapter 6|27 pages

–VI Semiconductor Nanostructures

chapter 6|22 pages

5 Zinc Selenide Nanostructures

chapter 6|21 pages

8 Nanoscale Hetero-, Core/Shell, and Hierarchical Nanostructures and Ternary Alloys

6.8.1 Nanoscale Hetero-, Core/Shell, and Hierarchical Nanostructures

chapter 8|17 pages


part 9|2 pages

In Situ TEM Investigations of the Interface Behavior Between Carbon Nanotubes and Metals

chapter 9|19 pages

2 Interface Dynamic Behaviour Between CNTs and Tungsten Electrode

9.2.1 Catalytic Growth of Graphitic Tubular Shells Encapsulating the Tungsten Electrode

chapter 10|43 pages

2 Synthesis of Inorganic Semiconductor Nanoarrays

10.2.1 Brief Overview of the Synthes is Methods

chapter 12|7 pages

6 Layered Double Hydroxide Nanoplate

chapter 13|13 pages

3 Field Emission Properties of Zinc Oxide Arrays

13.3.1 Basic Field Emission Properties

chapter 15|9 pages

Biomedicine Applications of Nanomaterials

chapter 15|19 pages

3 Biomedical Applications of Nanowires

part 18|1 pages

3 Detection Mechanism of Enzymatic Biosensor with ZnO Nanostructured Electrodes

chapter 18|17 pages

4 Sensor Properties

18.4.1 Sensitivity and Detection Limit

chapter 19|26 pages

Semiconductor Nanostructures for Spintronics

chapter 19|5 pages

4 Magnetic Properties

19.4.1 GeMn Thin Films

chapter 19|9 pages


part 20|2 pages

Field-Effect Transistors for Nanoelectronics Based on Novel Nanostructure Materials

part 22|2 pages

Recent Advances in Nanoporous Carbon Materials

chapter 22|12 pages

2 Microporous Carbon Materials

22.2.1 Preparation of Ordered Microporous Carbons