Although a great deal of research on ornamental geophytes has been conducted since the beginning of the 1990s, current information has not been comprehensively presented to researchers and horticulturalists. Covering the latest advances in geophytes science, Ornamental Geophytes: From Basic Science to Sustainable Production provides up-to-date revi

chapter 2|40 pages

- Taxonomy and Phylogeny

chapter 8|36 pages

- Florogenesis

chapter 9|28 pages

- Dormancy

chapter 12|30 pages

- Postharvest: Cut Flowers and Potted Plants

chapter 15|14 pages

- Geophyte Research and Production in Brazil

chapter 16|22 pages

- Geophyte Research and Production in Chile

chapter 19|14 pages

- Geophyte Research and Production in Turkey

chapter 20|6 pages

- Conclusions and Future Research