While the macroscopic phenomenon of superconductivity is well known and in practical use worldwide, the current theoretical paradigm for superconductivity suffers from a number of limitations. For example, there is no currently accepted theoretical explanation for the pattern of superconductor critical temperatures in the periodic table. Historical

chapter 1|4 pages

- Introduction

chapter 4|6 pages

- Electron Spin in Superconductors

chapter 7|14 pages

- Metals and Insulators

chapter 8|18 pages

- Electron Transport in Metals

chapter 9|26 pages

- Magnetoresistance

chapter 10|16 pages

- Quantum Hall Effect

chapter 11|26 pages

- Type I Superconductivity

chapter 12|10 pages

- Type II Superconductivity

chapter 13|6 pages

- Conclusions