Over two decades have passed since the fifth edition of Phosphorus: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Technology. Major advances in chemistry, materials science, electronics, and medicine have expanded and clarified the role of phosphorus in both our everyday appliances and groundbreaking research. Significantly expanded, updated, and reorganized, this s

chapter 1|22 pages

Introduction and Historical Background

chapter 2|22 pages

Distribution and Environment

chapter 3|48 pages

Atomic and Molecular Properties

chapter 4|84 pages

Phosphides of Non-Metals

chapter 5|150 pages

Oxyphosphorus Compounds

chapter 6|170 pages

Carbophosphorus Compounds

chapter 7|96 pages

Azaphosphorus Compounds

chapter 8|116 pages

Metallophosphorus Compounds

chapter 9|120 pages

Compounds with p-Block Elements

chapter 10|92 pages

Biopolymers and Phospho-Bioassemblies

chapter 11|100 pages

Biophosphorus Chemistry

chapter 12|224 pages

Applications of Phosphorus Compounds

chapter 13|84 pages

Special Topics

chapter 14|36 pages

Analysis and Characterisation