The study of fracture mechanics of concrete has developed in recent years to the point where it can be used for assessing the durability of concrete structures and for the development of new concrete materials. The last decade has seen a gradual shift of interest toward fracture studies at increasingly smaller sizes and scales. Concrete Fracture: A

chapter 2|24 pages

- Classical Fracture Mechanics Approaches

chapter 3|20 pages

- Mechanics Aspects of Lattice Models

chapter 6|28 pages

- Fracture of Concrete in Tension

chapter 8|28 pages

- Compressive Fracture

chapter 9|36 pages

- Size Effects

chapter 10|24 pages

- Four-Stage Fracture Model

chapter 11|36 pages

- Multiscale Modeling and Testing

chapter 12|10 pages

- Conclusions and Outlook